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Lederstore for the largest collection cowhides, sheepskins, goatskins, reindeer hides and many more!

Lederstore offers you the largest and most beautiful collection of cowhides, sheepskins, goatskins, calf hides, rabbit skins and reindeer hides for great prices. Are you looking for new decorative pieces for your room or office? We have got the perfect skins for every interior! But don’t forget also for your children and pets who can play and lie on a cowhide or soft sheepskin. Of course you can use the hides for other purposes too. If you need advice with your choice then we are ready to help you!

Choose directly for the animal hide that fits your interior:

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Exclusive mini cowhides

Looking for a small cowhide? At Lederstore you will find the best and most beautiful collection of mini cowhides. Does a large cowhide not fit in your room? Or are you looking for something different than a calf’s hide or goatskin? Then turn your house into a home with a luxurious mini cowhide. Each small cowhide is completely unique in color and shape, which makes them perfect for any type of interior!

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Cowhide rugs in various colors, sizes and shapes for the real outdoor feeling!

Take a few minutes to browse through the largest and most beautiful collection of A-grade cowhides. The warmth and charm that a cowhide brings to your room is unparalleled a real eye-catcher for friends, family and business customers. With a large and diverse range of cowhides you will get the outdoor feeling directly in your home and office. Our cowhides are all purely natural products, each rug has its own unique color, shape and size. This way you always have a unique cowhide that nobody else haves! At the moment there are cowhide rugs available in natural colors such as: black, white, beige, grey, brown, cream and many more! But you can also find cowhides with various prints such as the zebra print, cheetah print and leopard cowhides.

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Sheepskins for a warm, attractive and luxurious look!

Give your room and office a warm, soft, attractive and luxurious look with the unique sheepskins from Lederstore! Choose the sheepskin that suits you best from our large collections of premium sheepskins. There is nothing like a real sheepskin to give your rooms and office a warm, relaxed and cozy atmosphere. Our sheepskins are real natural products, each sheepskin has its own unique shape, color and size. You always get a unique sheepskin that nobody else has!

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Decorative goatskins for elegance and ambiance directly in your room!

Bring the ambiance and elegance directly into your home and office with the decorative goatskins from Lederstore. With our large collection of goatskins, you always have a wide range to choose from. Whether you are looking for a light or dark color, a small or large goatskin, we have them in stock. Goatskins are fantastic natural products. Because our goatskins are natural products you always have a unique piece that no one else has. Each skin has its own unique shape, size and color. Choose the perfect goatskin from a wide variety of colors such as black, white, brown, cream and beige. View and discover the complete selection of goatskins at Lederstore.

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Reindeer hides are a beautiful and unique completion to any living and office space

Brighten up your rooms and office with the stunningly beautiful reindeer hides from Lederstore. Take a look at the most beautiful collection of reindeer hides and choose the reindeer hide that suits your interior. The reindeer hides are a wonderful addition to any living room and office and provide a pleasant, peaceful ambiance. Our reindeer hides are real natural products, this way you always have a unique piece. Reindeer hides all have their own unique shape, color and size. This way you always have a unique piece that nobody else has! Reindeer hides are available in brown and white. Don’t wait too long, take a look at the reindeer hides from Lederstore.


Antlers and horns

Are you looking for antlers & horns in addition to animal skins? Then take a look at the beautiful collection of Here you will find a wide collection of antlers, horns and mounted animals. We are happy to help you to find the perfect antlers, horns or mounted animals!

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