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Most beautiful animal skins
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Cowhide rugs

Looking for a cowhide rug? The finest selection of cowhides at Lederstore

Are you looking for a cowhide? At Lederstore you will find the finest and most beautiful collection of cowhides. Nowhere else you will find a more attractive, elegant and unique collection of cowhides. More and more homeowners, interior designers, project developers, and designers are discovering the rustic charm and natural beauty of the cowhides.

Our cowhides are suited for each room in your house, guaranteed. Use a cowhide as a centerpiece on the floor. A cowhide can serve as a real powerful eye-catcher in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, foyer, or really striking hang the cowhide against the wall! Besides for at home, our cowhides are also perfectly suitable for your office and they will create a warm and luxury ambiance. Of course, you can also use the cowhides for other purposes. All cowhides are easy to maintain.

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Cowhides in various colors and sizes

With the wide variety of cowhides we have, you always have a unique piece in your home. Each cowhide has his own unique color, shape, and size. Our collection exists out of a great diversity of colors and sizes. We have skins in sizes of small, medium, large, XL and XXL.

Choose your perfect cowhide out of a large selection of natural colors such as:

Besides the natural colors, we also have cowhides with unique prints as:

Cowhides with a print are specially printed. Plain naturally colored cowhides such as white and beige are used for printed cowhides. Besides the well-known zebra printed cowhides, it’s nowadays also possible to print very unique prints on cowhides such as cheetah prints, jaguar, prints, modern prints, metallic prints, giraffe prints, tiger prints and many many more!

Besides the cowhides with an animal print, we increasingly see colored cowhides. An often seen combination is a spotted cowhide with a striking color such as yellow, green, blue, orange, pink, red and so on! In short, the possibilities and choice are huge!

Looking for inspiring photos of cowhides?

Regularly we receive the most beautiful cowhide inspiration photos from our customers. Are you looking for ideas for your home or office? Then take a look at the impressions below and get inspired!

Koeienhuid inspiratie bruin zwart wit Koeienhuid inspiratie beige wit Koeienhuid inspiratie tricolor bruin zwart wit Normandiër

Looking for even more inspiring cowhide photos? Check them out in our inspiration room!

An unrivaled quality of natural and colored cowhides!

At Lederstore it’s all about the passion for the leather. In order to offer you the best and most beautiful quality of cowhides, we carefully select them piece by piece by hand. More beautiful cowhides simply just don’t exist. Continuously we are looking for the best cowhides from the meat industry whereby the cows have lived freely in nature. Our cowhides come from Europe and South America, where without a doubt, the most beautiful and best quality cowhides in the world are produced.

The leather of each cowhide is supple and comfortably soft, unlike many other cowhides on the market that can be quite stiff. The tanneries we work with ensure that each cowhide is tanned perfectly and any possible odors are neutralized.

Take a few minutes to browse to the most beautiful selection of cowhides. We are sure that you will find the cowhide which makes your room totally unique! Didn’t find the cowhide which suits your needs? No worries! You can always contact us and let us know what you are looking for. With your wishes, we go search for the perfect cowhides for you. Our selection of cowhides is regularly supplemented with new cowhide sin different colors and shapes.

Tips for maintaining a cowhide

A cowhide doesn’t need much maintenance, but you may recognize it, you have a nice cowhide on the floor and accidentally you drop your soda or wine on it. Or friend and family come over and everybody walks over your beautiful cowhide with muddy shoes. To keep your cowhide in great condition, visitors and customers often ask how to clean a cowhide. On the page cleaning / maintaining a cowhide, you can read detailed instructions for maintenance of your cowhide. Prefer a short version? You can read a shorter version on cleaning an animal skin.

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