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Most beautiful animal skins
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Looking for a sheepskin rug? Get perfect comfort with a luxury sheepskin rug

Are you looking for a sheepskin rug to put on the sofa or chair? At Lederstore you will find the most beautiful and soft collection of sheepskins. Each sheepskin is unique in color, shape, and size which makes them suitable for every interior. The beauty of a sheepskin is timeless and brings a warm and luxurious ambiance to your interior. Whether it is a modern, classic or industrial interior a sheepskin fits all!

Have you just purchased your dream house? Or perhaps a little less radical, just refurbished your room? But does the ambiance still feels cold? Then choose a beautiful warm and attractive sheepskin. With a sheepskin rug, you immediately create a warm ambiance to your interior. Place a large sheepskin directly on the floor or lay the soft sheepskin on the sofa or in a chair. They are ideal if you want to sit cozy and super comfortable!

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Sheepskin rugs in various colors and sizes

Enjoy the elegant and most beautiful collection of sheepskin rugs. Sheepskins are a truly natural product, due that the diversity of the sheepskins is huge! Besides the warm and soft appearance, the sheepskins bring each skin has its own unique color, shape, and size. With the large selection available at Lederstore you always have a one-of-a-kind sheepskin which nobody else haves! Sheepskins are available in various sizes such as small, medium, large, XL and XXL. Each sheepskin is hand-selected to offer you the best quality possible.

Choose from a wide selection of natural colors such as:

White sheepskins
Brown sheepskins
Black sheepskins
Grey sheepskins
Cream sheepskins
Brown white sheepskins
Black white sheepskins
Grey black sheepskins
One-of-a-kind sheepskins
And many more!

Besides the natural colors, there are also dyed sheepskins available. For example white, black and grey sheepskins. Besides the solid tones, there are also sheepskins with dyed tips and bright colors such as:

Pink sheepskins
Red sheepskins
Blue sheepskins
Green sheepskins
Orange sheepskins
Yellow sheepskins
Purple sheepskins
Beige sheepskins
Anthracite sheepskins
And many more!

Looking for inspiring photos of sheepskin rugs?

Regularly we receive the most beautiful sheepskin rug inspiration photos from our customers. Are you looking for ideas for your home or office? Then take a look at the impressions below and get inspired!

Witte schapenvacht in stoel IJslanders schapenvachten zwart wit over de stoelleuning Schapenvacht met slapende witte poes

Looking for even more inspiring sheepskin photos? Go check them out in our inspiration room!

Do you have a four-legged friend or a small tiger at home? Then there is a good chance that you will have to share your sheepskin. Dogs and cats really love a nice soft sheepskin! Besides that, a sheepskin is perfect to put in a chair or on the sofa. Sheepskins are also often used as a bed or rug for the dog and cat. Once your sheepskin is discovered by your dog or cat, there is a big chance you won’t get them off the sheepskin anymore!

Discover the premium quality sheepskins at Lederstore

With the premium sheepskins of Lederstore you are ensured of a high standard and super soft sheepskins. Or even better: noteworthy sheepskins that will fit perfectly in your interior, that’s for sure!

After having spent hours and hours wandering through the furnishing stores for the perfect furniture you don’t have to forget a beautiful sheepskin to finish the picture. The premium sheepskins available ensure you top quality with a great look. Whether you are looking for a white, brown, black or a two-tone sheepskin with long hair, short hair or extra thick wool, in our collection you will certainly find the sheepskin that will suit you. Choose a compact thick brown or white sheepskin for perfect comfort in your chair and your sofa. Or as a real eye-catcher choose a large grey Welsch or unique Icelandic sheepskin.

To be able to offer you the best quality sheepskins all of our skins are personally hand-selected by us. There are simply no better sheepskins! More beautiful sheepskins simply doesn’t exist. Our sheepskins come from Europe, New Zealand, Australia, England, and Ireland. Here the world’s best and most beautiful sheepskins are produced with the finest wool.

A unique tanning process that gives our sheepskins a silky soft feeling and also makes them smell pleasant

Our sheepskins are super supple and have a lovely soft texture. This due to the special and unique tanning process that our tannery uses. To archive this high quality, the sheepskins are brushed several times so that they become extra soft and this way they get a beautiful shine too. In addition to the great beauty that the sheepskins bring with them, the silky soft feeling is one of the most pleasant sides of the sheepskins.

Another characteristic advantage of our premium sheepskins is a pleasant scent. We noticed that many sheepskins on the market have a very pungent sheep/farm smell. This is a typical characteristic of cheap sheepskins that only have undergone a limited tanning process. If you put such a cheap sheepskin in your house, your entire house will smell of sheep in no time, not really desirable. After all, you want to be able to enjoy your beautiful sheepskin immediately right?

In collaboration with our tanners, we have researched how we can make the sheepskins smell nice. After just a few adjustments in the tanning process, all of our sheepskins smell lovely and have a pleasant scent, and we are quite proud of that. You can compare the scent with soap, this way you can immediately give your new sheepskin a place in your interior and directly enjoy their beauty.

Take a few minutes to browse through the most beautiful, softest and finest sheepskin collection. Guaranteed that there is a sheepskin that fits perfectly in your interior. Didn’t find the perfect sheepskin? No worries, you can also perform a search at us. Then we start working immediately for you to search for the sheepskin of your dreams. Our sheepskin collection will regularly be updated with new sheepskins in various colors and sizes.

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